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Who we are

Solveigh is an independent investment banking advisory firm. We deliver strategic advice focussed on sustainable value creation. We are specialists and trusted advisors in Mergers & Acquisitions, Corporate Board Advisory Services, Shareholders and Investors Interest.

Our clients are shareholders, owners and boards of of midsized and public or private larger companies, most of them with an international footprint and the desire to further expand their international footprint.

We are specialied in cross border transactions, especially between Asia and Europe. We have own offices in the Netherlands and Hong Kong and long term partners in over 50 countries. We only work with seasoned and entrepreneurial driven professionals. We jointly adviced on and executed over 200 transactions since 1998.

Ernst Jan Kruis

‘“Since we started our firm January ’98 until today we have been passionate as professional entrepreneurs and enjoyed advising our clients in Mergers & Acquisitions, Investments and their International Strategic Development. Our heart and soul is in our business.’

Ernst Jan Kruis

Solveigh makes a difference

We are Out of the Box

So if you are looking for a standard advisor that is good in writing sleek documentation, preparing mind-blowing spreadsheets and can run an auction in which everybody in the world in your market will be approached, then we are not the right choice as your advisor.We are different in a few ways.

We are creative

We can bring creativity in deals that is often needed to find solutions when things got stuck. Yes we have extensive experience but there are no standards for us. Every company and situation is unique. Every team involved is unique and communication and negotiations between the participants always have unique characteristics and dynamics. Actually we love it, this is what makes our professions so interesting for us.

We are international

Many of our transactions are cross border. We have a strong international network. And we are present ourselves on 2 continents, Europe and Asia. Our international reach is not based on databases, it is based on existing relations. We have partner-firms with whom we have established relations and have worked with for often more than 15 years.

Relations, relations, relations.

First of all, we want to be in a relation with you. Ideally for the long run. Because we do not believe in hit and run. Our metric is growth of the sustainable value of your company. It always takes time. No matter the subject. We focus on that.

We are experienced professionals

We have completed over 200 transactions, mostly with midsized and larger companies. In a variety of markets, countries and situations.

Asia & Europe

We have roots in both Asia (especially China) and Europe. Solveigh has been in China since 2004 and has built long term understanding, relations and experience. We have done and are doing deals in a variety of sectors and are able to bridge very different worlds. It is not only China, but we are also in the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Japan, Singapore and have trusted partners in most Asian countries.

We care

It is not money and profit that is driving us. What is driving us is that we want to be meaningful. We care for the impact of what we do. We want to leave a footprint that is good. In the companies we work with, in relations we manage. People Planet Profit yes. Poverty Elevation yes. Impact Investments yes. We aim to support those in need and contribute part of our time and money to such projects.

We are independent

We treasure our professional and personal integrity. We are value driven. We don’t tell stories. Even if you may not like it. (Yes we are Dutch, but with some Asian sophistication). We are objective. We do not oversell. You don’t pay us to hear nice stories, we are hired to get things done and to get it done we will offer you the best we can.

We are rocksolid

We prefer an in-depth approach. We do not act as brokers. We need to understand your business, your objectives. And we do not give up. We can go the second mile to make things work, and the third mile or more. We are persistent, which is needed as in most situations there is no low hanging fruit but things need to mature, need to be nurtured and managed.

We are Entrepreneurs ourselves

Time ago we left corporate life behind us to live our own entrepreneurial dreams. We have gone places. We explore. We won and sometimes we lost. We are passionate in what we do. We are probably married with our work. 100% is not enough for us. If we are on, we are on for 200%. We do not compromise on that. We are 24/7 (and yes, we can also play hard too).