Henk van der Linden

Henk vander Linden

Henk van der Linden

Senior Partner   

Senior Partner and Executive Advisor.

Henk has been involved with Solveigh since 1999 after a long career in the financial industries. Over the last years, Henk has developed a strong focus on the human interest side of business life and how to equip and advise business owners and C-level management on a cross road in their business or personal development to be connected and effective.

Based on a foundation of 18 years of experience in several general management positions in corporate banking and the insurance industries with ABN AMRO, Van Lanschot and Interpolis followed by over 19 years’ of experience in mergers advisor and as entrepreneur. Henk has a background in both Economics , Psychology and recently, Contextual Therapy. Henk is a team player who originated a large number of transactions over the years that were jointly managed with other team members.