Qin Yao

Quin Yao

Qin Yao

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Qin obtained bachelor degree of International Business Management from University of Groningen, the Netherlands; afterwards entitled MBA from APU Cambridge, UK. 14 years professional experience in international business development, cross-border investment, project negotiation, as well as public and government relation.

Well-connected in commercial and governmental network in Europe and in China. In her positions in various organizations, including: Executive Director of Netherlands Council for Trade Promotion; Director of Sino-Dutch Investment Promotion Center; Director of Rotterdam China Desk-Municipality of Rotterdam; Business Development Director Asia of Rotterdam Investment Agency; Project Manager Maxi Delta Investment Group. Qin has managed substantial quantity of investment projects of Chinese enterprises to Europe (more than 50 projects); and European companies to China. Besides, Qin has a sound record with diverse successful projects in Italy, Germany and USA.