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Kema in Joint venture with Sinopower


Joint venture with Sinopower

Solveigh is pleased to announce that KEMA has successfully entered into a joint venture with the number 1 energy consulting company in China, Sinopower. Sinopower is specialised in management consultancy service focussing on the improvement of company processes with the energy sector. Sinopower has a significant port folio of 600 valuable clients in the energy sector in China including Stategrid, Southern grid and many power plants. Sinopower has a team of over 80 consultants and is located in Beijing in China.

The transaction is subject to final approvals by the Chinese authorities.¬†Thijs Aartsen, Chariman of the Board of KEMA commented on the joint venture “Sinopower has an excellent reputation in the Chinese energy sector and this position will be amplified. The activities of KEMA and Sinopower in China are complementary. And it is the combination of management consultancy and technical advice which distinguishes this joint venture from other companies in the market”.
Xu Xuqing, Chief Executive Officer of Sinopower said “I am very pleased with the partnership with KEMA. KEMA is considered as one of the most prominent global advisors entering the Chinese energy sector. The combination of our expertise, knowledge of the energy sector and the service we can provide, offers an attractive potential for further growth. We see a growing need for the integrated advice we will now be able to offer in China”.
Ernst Jan Kruis, founder and CEO at Solveigh commented on the transaction “We believe that the entering into a joint venture of reputable companies as Sinopower and KEMA in China is not only a historic moment for both companies but will also unlock the significant potential of valuable integrated solutions for the Chinese energy markets. This joint venture is a great example of a successful combination of local knowledge and access to markets that now can be enhanced through access to global best practices that can be applied. Both parties have shown a remarkable open and mutual respectful approach in the process that has led to the successful signing of this joint venture. We believe this transaction is an excellent example of combining the best of 2 worlds to the best interest of the clients of Sinopower”.¬†Solveigh has originated and developed the transaction and advised KEMA on the successful entering into this agreement.