Global Presence

Solveigh is present in over 50 countries through Global M&A. Solveigh is the exclusive member firm of Global M&A Partners in Greater China. Global M&A Partners is a world-wide leading organization of independent Mergers & Acquisitions consulting firms. Global M&A Partners provide support and opportunities locally and internationally for clients buying or selling companies as well as financing, corporate restructuring and other corporate finance transactions (typically between US$ 25 million and US$ 500 million). With offices in over 50 countries and across 5 continents, Global M&A Partners are represented in all key markets, and use a common infrastructure to deliver seamless access to the best buyers, investors, sellers and opportunities around the globe.
The value Solveigh jointly brings with its global partners lies in local knowledge, easy access to global potential buyers and sellers, and local experience and expertise on transaction management. Cultural and language barriers are removed. There is no comparable international alternative that can offer this high level of quality nor this extensive range of services.Global M&A Partners are linked through established joint research, databases and market groups sharing their knowledge and transactions. Global M&A is neither a loose network nor a marketing organization, but an integrated organization with established rules and practices. Global M&A Partners have frequent and pro-active interaction. Seamless, cross-border teams are composed for each project.

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