Mergers & Acquisitions

We offer specialised services in Mergers & Acquisitions. We are not in auctions nor ‘broker’ companies but instead we engineer targeted transactions either on the sell side, buy side or joint ventures. Selling a company is a unique momentum in the lifecycle of a company. We offer independent advice and manage the sales process from its earliest start until completion of the transaction.

Either for corporate clients, multinationals or for privately owned companies. As the world increasingly is a market place, a large part of our M&A processes are cross border. We have successfully completed over 200 transactions since 1998 and can offer unrivalled experience, knowledge and commitment, jointly with our global partners with whom we have cooperated on numerous transactions over many years.

Supporting Management Teams in Buy Outs

Management Buy Outs are suitable alternatives in case of the sale of a company with certain advantages for all parties in the process: the vendor, the company itself and its management and employees. But Buy Outs also have a level of complication and if teams are not well prepared and the process is not managed properly, Buy Outs can fail and not deliver the value its initators would seek. Solveigh has managed many buy outs that created independency for companies to choose their own path and in addition created attractive private wealth for its teams. We know the sensitivities; we know how to create transactions together with private equity funds and acquisition finance teams. We take care of financial modeling, deal structuring and the optimizing of a transaction to the best interest of the Buy Out team and the selling shareholders.

Building great companies

Natural growth is often not enough to keep pace with the market developments. Many markets consolidate continuously. Borders are fading away. We offer acquisition support, not only to companies without internal resources and mergers and acquisition teams, but also to those with their own dedicated teams. We are able to offer cross border services jointly with our global partners. We offer local access and presence, experience and understanding.

Strategic Development

Mergers and acquisitions are often part of a broader strategy. As a result, Solveigh naturally expanded its services to providing strategy support. Together with the company’s management, we design and manage a strategy generation process – irrespective of organizational size, development stage of the company or professional maturity. From retrieving a compelling vision and figuring out the DNA of a company and its founders and managers towards delivering sustainable value over time. We are strong supporters of bringing maximum focus. Priority-setting and firm commitment are the necessary prerequisites. Based on a new methodology of prioritization, a limited number of clear strategic goals are defined and the corresponding strategic projects are designed, to successfully implement the new strategy. We also may be able to help in implementation and translating great visions and plans into products and solutions, opening of markets and enhancing the positioning of our clients. In some cases even hands on.

Financial Advisors

We cover everything that is related to value for shareholders and stakeholders as a metric for successful development of a company, although this is not an objective on its own for us. We arrange equity and debt funding, we structure transactions from a financial and legal perspective, provide valuation services, advise on preparations in investment- or exit strategies and so on and advise all necessary documentation needed. We provide project management, identify and invite investors and bankers and are taking care of the whole process needed to get the right funding in place. This all next to and in coordination with your existing bankers, lawyers, tax advisors and accountant.