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Van Rijn – KWS SAAT AG

Joint venture

Handelmaatschappij Van Rijn BV, a leading wholesales, importer and exporter of agricultural and horticultural products, Poeldijk, the Netherlands and KWS SAAT AG have agreed on a joint venture for breeding, producing and marketing seed potatoes for the global potato market. The Joint Venture has become a world leader in the field of seed potatoes by optimizing the combination of good varieties, new technologies, international networks with many years of experience.

Potato activities

The company has seed potato activities in around 60 countries and is having its headquarters in Poeldijk, the Netherlands. Van Rijn is a long-term oriented, independent, privately owned Dutch company with over 150 years of history with international commercial activities in potatoes, fruit and vegetables in more than 60 countries. KWS is active in almost 70 countries and focuses its activities on sugar beet, maize, cereals, oils- and energy crops. KWS is listed in Frankfurt. Solveigh acted as financial advisor to Van Rijn.